Friday, June 26, 2009

moving house and moving on

I've been abandoning my blog just lately as a lot has been going on in my life.
I am moving to a new house in a week and I have a ton of packing to do! Can you even guess how much yarn I have?
So I will be busy packing and moving, I will also be without an internet connection for a while, as here in France they don't rush anything, I'm hoping I will be connected again within a week of moving, but I'm not holding my breath.
When I return I will be back in full force, with lots of new goodies to list in my etsy shop, so look out for my return.
I will also be tweeting and catching up with all my friends on facebook.
I'll still be around for a week, but I won't have much time to be very active.
I'm gonna miss you all, so don't forget me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I won a blog giveaway

I still can't believe it!!! Kristina from Wash When Dirty just sent me an e-mail to tell me I just won 2 scrabble tile pendants in her blog giveaway!!! they are from the lovely jessejanes Etsy shop
I am so thrilled, I want to thank Kristina for running the giveaway, and I also want to thank Jesse for giving away 2 scrabble tile pendants:0)

This is my favorite item in her shopjesse janes on Etsy scrabble tile pendant

Sunday, June 14, 2009

....and the winner is.....

Thank you to everyone who entered my first blog giveaway, it has been fun reading all your comments, it's also been a great help to me, to see which items in my shop are everyones favorites, although the choices were so different, but that's a good thing.

Ok so now to the winner, congratulations Allie you have won a pair of my ribbed wrist warmers, just pick a colour out of the list on the post, don't worry if they are not in my shop as I've sold some since this giveaway was posted. They are also available in cream, but not pictured on my blog.
you can find Allie's etsy shop here and her blog here

I will be running another giveaway in a few weeks time, so please enter that too, just keep watching out for me to flood Twitter and FaceBook with the link, or keep a check on my blog.

Monday, June 8, 2009

cropped photographs

Ok so these are finished pictures, and I will use some of them in my new listings, I'm quite happy how they turned out, but there is still room for improvement.
Not quite sure what to do about the pink ones, maybe I won't list them and I'll keep them for myself.

are they any better?

I have taken a load more pictures of the washcloths and scrubbies, I think they are better, but are they good enough?
Now I know the pink one's are horrible and I still can't get them to look right, they seem to glare the camera, so I am going to try and take some more on a grey background as advised by an etsy friend who is helping me out, she is photographer and you can find her here she also suggested I read the instruction manual for the camera and it really helped, I had no clue what the camera could do let alone how to do it, so after reading the instructions for it I found loads of useful advice and instructions.
These are untouched images, I have yet to take them to Picasa3 and play around with them, and crop them, which I will do now and show you the difference.The brown and cream are quite good I think, I don't think they will take much tweeking, but the blue and purple might need a bit of work. Although I'm really pleased with this first one and I will probably leave that one alone

Friday, June 5, 2009

wash cloths, scrubbies and getting the pictures right!

I have been working on some new items, but they are proving to be quite a problem to get an accurate picture of the colour, and I don't quite know what to do about it.
I have tried in the sunlight, out of the sunlight but still in natural light, indoors, even in the bath! The colour just never seems right, in fact it is really not like the colour at all.

The items in question are wash cloths and face scrubbies, the chocolate and cream ones are not a problem (they are not pictured here), but the more vibrant colours are, they are aubergine, bright pink and a mid blue. The aubergine comes out far too light but I did manage to get a couple that are not too far off the colour, the blue comes too dull and the pink is a bit dazzling, it is really bright, but it seems to glare. What am I doing wrong????

So over the weekend that is what I will be trying to do, get an acurate colour likeness, and hopefully I won't lose too much hair in the process.

So watch this space for some better pictures, hopefully..........

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's a lovely day today

I'm having a lovely day today!
My day started with 3 sales overnight, I love it when that happens, I sold 3 pairs of wrist warmers!!!! I wasn't going to list or re-list anymore but now I've changed my mind.

My French Lavender is looking lovely.

I decided to take my little boy for a walk because it's such a beautiful day, but my son decided to have a bit of a strop because I wouldn't let him take his racing car track with him!!!!
Kids hey, so I had to carry him outside and he proceeded to stand and scream in the middle of the street! Yikes, I just stood there smiling with a bit of a grimace on my face LOL, pretending that everything was normal. Well we had a few things to buy from the local supermarket, so I walked ahead and ignored him the best I could, why is it that people stare at me as if I should do something, my policy is that it's best to ignore behavior like that. So I just smile and say Bonjour! and carry on my way, with S├ębastien the terrible walking 10 paces behind! We make it to the supermarket, him screaming me smiling all the way around, although I am beginning to lose patience by this time, but not long until we are out of there, and just the same performance coming home again.

But it hasn't spoilt my day, and I'm going to see my new house this afternoon, so I can't wait.

These are pictures of the view from my balcony overlooking the center of my town.
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