Thursday, November 20, 2008

craft fair

Well after having thrown my dummy out of the pram, I am now doing a craft fair this Saturday at La Maison Bleu!
It's a long story but now I have to knit my fingers to the bone and make some more wrist warmers, they are quite long with a cable up the front, and come up to just below the elbow and look lovely, I would put some pics on, only my camera died and we are in the process of finding another one.
I have 4 pairs completed and would like to do at least another 2 pairs. (I had already taken 2 pairs to another shop just yesterday).
I will also be taking some scarves, hats, angel bookmarks, Christmas decorations, and of cours Christmas cards, and anything else I can fit on a 1 meter square table! Not much room but I will artfully arrange it all and hopefully it won't look too squashed.

I am also doing some shorter fingerless gloves so hopefully they will be quicker to make, and I'm hoping I can get a couple of pairs of them done too, well I can always take them with me and knit whilst I'm there, it makes for interesting conversations and people seem more interested if you are doing something instead of just sitting there looking hopeful!

The window display is doing well, and already we have had to send more packs of Christmas cards round to Jim and Jill at Vettriano's and there has been a lot of interest in the other things displayed there.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

run up to Christmas

I have been so busy with the run up to Christmas, we have so many events on I can't keep up.
I have been knitting wrist warmers, hats and scarves and I still have loads to do.

We have an exhibition for the whole of December at the Chambre des Metiers in Limoges, a shop window display, which we did at the beginning of November and will be running until January, in Bellac, as well as all the craft fairs and Christmas markets we are doing.
I am just about knitted out, well..... not quite, I do love knitting.
I am no longer doing key rings because I made so many I am sick of the sight of them, so hopefully they will all sell.

I just have one major problem, my camera died and I need to invest in a new one that will take the picture without me having to be a photographer, I am a bit of an ameture where pictures are concerned, basically I'm rubbish at taking photo's!!!!!!!!
I have loads of stock to list in my etsy shop and I can't because I don't have any pictures, so I'm a little fraustrated to say the least.

I really must learn how to add links underneath little words, I have it in an email somewhere which someone kindly sent me, but it's lost and I can't find it. Oh well.
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