Friday, December 5, 2008

Exhibition in Limoges

I had a telephone call yesterday afternoon that really surprised me.
Well the story is, we have an exhibition at the Chambre des metiérs in Limoges, at the gallery which is next door, it runs from the 2nd December through to the end of the month, so it had been open to the public for just 2 days.
The telephone call was to ask for more stock, they had already sold 13 of the 20 angel bookmarks I had made for the event, and they needed more Christmas cards, they had a stock of 130 cards, and they need more and that is in only 2 days!!!! I couldn't believe it, I am so excited.
So I made 10 last night and I still have another 10 to make before tomorrow morning, when my husband will deliver them.We also have an open day at home tomorrow, and then on Sunday we are doing a Christmas market in Le Dorat, so we are going to be so busy.

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