Friday, June 26, 2009

moving house and moving on

I've been abandoning my blog just lately as a lot has been going on in my life.
I am moving to a new house in a week and I have a ton of packing to do! Can you even guess how much yarn I have?
So I will be busy packing and moving, I will also be without an internet connection for a while, as here in France they don't rush anything, I'm hoping I will be connected again within a week of moving, but I'm not holding my breath.
When I return I will be back in full force, with lots of new goodies to list in my etsy shop, so look out for my return.
I will also be tweeting and catching up with all my friends on facebook.
I'll still be around for a week, but I won't have much time to be very active.
I'm gonna miss you all, so don't forget me.


TLC Inspirations said...

Good luck on your move and we'll all be here when you're ready to get back into the groove. The moving part sucks, but the arrival is great, so enjoy!

Anonymous said...

CUTE site!! Found you on Bright Bold & Beautiful:)! Would love you to follow my site as well! Let me know and I will follow you too! Great to be out finding these lovely blogs and networking!

QuirkyDolls said...

Came here from the esecrets group and your fan page, looking for info about the sock bag. "Sock" bag for keeping yarn from tangling?

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