Thursday, August 20, 2009

So I've been thinking.......Blog Giveaway pt 1

I was just wondering... what will get me back to my blog? which has been long forgotten since I moved house..... So I've been thinking of doing another giveaway, only this time I want you to tell me what the prize will be......... got it so don't be getting all greedy and wanting the most expensive item in my shop......that just wouldn't be playing the game now would it? but you can pick something from my shop and whatever item gets the most requests will be the prize.

Are you all with me so far?

So this is going to run in two parts, the first part will be to pick one item from my shop which you would like to win, and post a comment with the link to the item at the end of this post, or on my facebook fan page

you don't have to post on both places, just one will do. One comment is one entry to my blog giveaway.
Then in about a week I will announce which item was the most popular choice, and that will be the giveaway, to win it you will have to post a comment on this post, my fan page, or part 2 of this blog giveaway.

I hope that is explained well enough. I will explain it again on the 2nd post, so watch out for my Blog Giveaway pt 2.

Let me just clarify a little, any comment on any post of this giveaway, or on my fan page will get your name in the hat, so to speak, if you comment once on this post, and once on my fan page and then again on the 2nd blog post, then you will have entered 3 times. Is that clear? If in doubt just ask me, because I've confused myself Ha Ha!
Have fun and good luck to everyone who enters.


PrettyCoolJewels said...

These are still my fave's ( pictured above, too)
but i broke the rule about the most expensive I like these too:

Particles of Stone said...

I like these:

niftyknits said...

I'm going to have to vote for your project bag because as a knitter myself it'd seem daft to win a knit! I do love your knitted bags though, thta's not something I've tried yet.

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

yey! I have always loved your wristwarmer!
my favorite one is this one:

I can see myself wearing it all winter long!

I also like your towels: great idea!

skaro964 said...

I like the pdf knitting pattern Le Sac, I will aalso RT on Twitter.

Valerie's Essentials said...

This (in the charcoal) has been my favorite since day one! I LOVE these!!! (in any color)

Anonymous said...

OMG I love theses...

I am going to NYC with my husband and 2 friends of ours for vacation in October! I would totally take pics in the gloves and send them to you for your site:)

Going to fan you on facebook now..
It will be Rachel Dickens Thomas


Elly said...

I like this


Sherry'sPaperie said...

Love your blog Bijoux! On my wish list for the if I won the giveaway is definitely the powder blue wrist warmers!!

FairlyGirly said...

I love the colours in this reversable bag

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for tomorrow!! YEAH!

kathbot said...

My favorite are the Otter Brown wristwarmers with the 2x3 twist cable.

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