Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Another sleepless night "sigh"

My little one keeps waking up at the most outrageous hour, and frankly I'm getting too old for this, but don't tell anyone. So while I'm wide awake at 3.15am this morning, I start thinking about my blog of all things, and all the things I have to do today, and I nearly, I said nearly, got up when I realised how much I had to do. Well how much have I got done? Nada! Nothing! Rien! Zilch!

5.45am I got up.
First I had a cup of tea, then I had another, and then as I was still not quite awake I started on the coffee, so by this time it's getting on for 7am and Daniel 16 and Tasmin 14 are getting ready for school, my little one S├ębastien who is 16 months old is happily playing and entertaining himself, why he can't do that while in his cot I don't know, I am just coming out of my zombie state, I must add at this point that the night time waking has been going on for about 2 weeks now so it's wearing thin!

7.30am wave kids off to school, wave hubby off to work, and turn on pc, mistake number 1, as we all know, once the pc is on I have to check etsy, my blog, and while I was at it signed up for Indiepublic, and had to spend a little time on there to find my way round didn't I????

Ok Ok now it's 9.30am and S├ębastien needs a nap so I get showered and dressed and do a little rummaging around to make it look like I've actually done something, in fact what I actually did was wash the breakfast pots!!!!
I ran to the supermarket, came back and started dinner, hubby and Tasmin home for lunch, served lunch, hubby washed up, now it's 2pm and everyones gone again and I'm back on the pc!!!!
The day is almost over (OK so now I'm being paranoid) and I have still done nothing that I should have :( Oh dear I really must do something, but the way I look at it, I am doing something useful, I'm networking! So the day has not gone to waste at all, I have people who have looked at my Indiepublic and added a couple of friends, they have checked out my etsy store and I have checked out theirs, now I feel so much better.

I do really need to replace some jewelry though, as we have yet another new outlet and stock is going down, so I must go now and try and get something made.

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High Desert Diva said...

The networking is good....that's the one I always use

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