Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Sloppy Joe Sweater

I thought I would show you what else I've been making besides flowers!

I fell in love with this sweater as soon as I saw it, it reminds me of the most expensive sweater that I knitted for my little boy last year, and I was thinking of doing a moss stitch version of it too.

I love this little sweater, it's so simple to make and looks so cute, it's a garter stitch sweater for a baby which is a little oversized, that's why I've called it a Sloppy Joe Sweater.

It has a roll neck large enough to fit over a baby's head easily and roll up sleeves, making it a lose fitting comfortable sweater, just like a Sloppy Joe.

This is not the only one I've made, but it's the only one that is complete and sewn up! One is finished but needs sewing up, and I have another one on the needles.

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