Tuesday, May 12, 2009

daisy chain scarf

I absolutely love crocheting flowers and I have made many of them, so what do I do with all these flowers?
Well I came up with this lovely accessory which you can see in more detail here, it's more of a decoroation than a scarf really, it looks lovely just draped around, with the flowers trailing down, it can be wrapped around your waist, or around your neck, I think it makes a lovely accessory for spring and summer.

This is a one off item that I probably won't repeat very often as it was so time consuming, but I did love making it.
It's a real whimsy accessory that trails around your body.

There are a lot of varying colours in this scarf ranging from yellow, pale peach, to an orange, blue, brown, grey, rust.

It measures 69 inches (176cm's) long
The flowers measure 2 1/2 inches (6cm's) across
there are 11 flowers in total and 2 little circles to finish the ends off.


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