Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Feature

I've decided to do a Thursday feature, and this week I have chosen T K Designs nature inspired handcrafted jewelery and accessories.
here is a little bit about her

I have loved nature, animals and creating with a variety of materials ever since I can remember! I grew up with many different pets, (including a pigeon!) exploring the woods around our home, and playing in my grandmother’s garden. Inspired by the nature around me, I learned to draw, oil paint, work with clay, garden, sew, and knit.

In college, I started out as a Fine Arts Student and later switched into Landscape Architecture. Summers, I worked in Cape Cod, MA, stringing beaded jewelry, tooling leather belts, and being a waitress at the Irish Pub (Fun!) I also picked up a love for floral design and photography.

Once I graduated, I started my own successful Landscape Design Company until I had my first child ten years later. I decided to temporarily give up my business to raise my family. This has been a wonderful time in my life. While my three children were small we enjoyed creating with all types of art mediums together. I had the opportunity to experiment with many crafts, but really love making jewelry.

As my children grow, my interests change, but my love of art and teaching children and adults about nature has always been a consistent theme in my life. I volunteered my time as a 4-H Leader focusing on nature found in their backyards and using natural elements to create art. I also have donated my time to design several children’s playgrounds, one being in our own town. But my favorite project I have donated my time to is the creation of a Wildlife Habitat located in the courtyard of my children’s elementary school! My birdhouses have become a passion of mine after helping my daughter with a recycling project for our Courtyard Wildlife Habitat!

I don’t know if I will ever go back to my landscape design business, I have been fighting chronic Lyme’s disease for the past 13 years. While it’s been quite a challenge to live with, I am thankful to God for blessing me with a wonderful family and talents I can share.

I will always be learning, loving and creating something!


tkdesigns4u said...

Thanks so much for featuring me!! I think its great! Thanks for letting me know so I could take a peek! Tracey

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading that little insight into Tracey's world :)

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